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MagFan ONe

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The MagFan family consists of three different versions: MagFan, MagFan Plus, and MagFan ONe. For the complete brochure on all three fans click here.

MagFan ONe is an ON/OFF fan equipped with a 1.8 kW motor. The motor operates at 720 rpm (50 Hz). Capacity 69.500 m3/h (40900 cfm) at 0 Pascal (0” WC) and 62.700 m3/h (36900 cfm) at 25 Pascal (0.1” WC).

  • Air Flow Ratio 0.86

  • Cfm/watt 22.4 @ 0.1” WC

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MagFan ONe is our ”conventional” ON/OFF wall fan.

MagFan ONe sets new standards in terms of efficiency, capacity and pressure performance. This has simply revolutionized the market for ON/OFF controlled wall fans.

MagFan ONe is in every aspect identical to the existing MagFan, except it is an ON/OFF fan. It is still a direct drive fan, so no belts and pulleys – hence no maintenance.


With 22.4 cfm/Watt MagFan ONe has one of the highest Energy Efficiency Ratings of all fans tested at Bess Lab (project number 18465).

Each year, Bess Lab, Illinois, and University of Georgia define the top 1% of all fans tested by two key parameters:

Energy efficiency rating should be 22 CFM/Watt or higher

Air flow ratio (AFR) should be 0.79 or higher

With 22.4 CFM/Watt, MagFan ONe has one of the highest efficiency ratings of all fans tested at Bess Lab and therefore it becomes a member of the top 1% fans. With an AFR of 0.85, MagFan ONe has the best air flow ratio of all the top 1% fans and it significantly outperforms the top 1% fans when it comes to capacity.

Housing and cone: PP-HD, gray (RAL 7040), PVC, gray (RAL 7040)
Impeller blades: Celstran Technofiber
Brackets, guards: Stainless steel / AISI 304 / A2
Weight: 250 lbs
Impeller diameter: 1430 mm/56.5”
Drive: Water proof speed drive
COS (PHI) / Power Factor at Full Load: 0.99; In-built drive and motor protection
Motor: Asynchronous 3-phase
Output (continuous duty): 1.8kW @ 720 RPM
Insulation: Class F, 170°C magnets
Thermal Protection: In-built double klixon
Power supply: Universal, 380-440VAC, 50 Hz