Wire-lock Track

Wire-lock Track

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12’ Aluminum Single Channel Greenhouse Poly Lock Base.

Also available in 6' and 8' lengths.

Use for securing greenhouse poly to frame, and blackout plastic for external light dep systems.

Use the spring lock channel in conjunction with Zig-Zag wire (wiggle wire) for a simple and secure installation of your greenhouse poly fabric.

Depth of single wire lock allows for up to three layers of zig-zag wire, creating the possibility to attach shade cloth on top of two layers of poly.

Individual lengths are available for local pickup. Freight requires a bundle qty minimum of 100 pcs. Please contact us for more information on bundle qty pricing and freight charges.

Pricing here is an estimate. As metal pricing changes frequently, actual charges for metal lengths purchased will be adjusted and invoiced at time of sale.

Depth of channel allows for up to 3 layers of fabric and Zig-Zag Wire
Tek screw groove for less slippage and ease of installation
Durable aluminum extrusion
Component of external light dep system

2 Wire-Lock Base aluminum extrusion